14+ Best Single Product Shopify Themes for your eCommerce store

In the world of eCommerce, a well-designed and user-friendly website is paramount for success. Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce platforms, offers a wide range of themes to help you create a visually appealing and functional online store.

When it comes to selling a single product or a limited number of products, choosing the right theme is crucial. Single-product Shopify themes are specifically designed to showcase a single item or a small collection of products in the most effective way possible.

When it comes to paying attention to the details, a single product Shopify theme can be fantastic. Conversion rates will undoubtedly rise if you give your product lots of space to shine, including many full-size photos and text areas.

While having fewer options can seem like a missed chance to engage in some cross-selling, having only one product per sale lessens decision fatigue and boosts sales. Additionally, you can easily offer subscriptions and packages using Shopify sites that only feature one product.
Overall, Shopify themes for single-product stores provide a fantastic method to highlight single-product stores.

We have 14+ Shopify themes for single-product stores that are specifically created to meet practically every need that type of store presents for you in this article today.

Best Shopify theme for single product store

Some Shopify themes made for multi-product stores are included in the list below. You can still use them for a single product, though.


Being “just another Shopify theme” is not how Hongo was designed. You may create both single-product and multi-product websites with this sophisticated theme. Hongo is a fantastic option for creating a cutting-edge, conversion-friendly website because it has a wide range of features to enhance your sales as well as several customizable content blocks and top-rated page layouts.

The Hongo theme has several sections devoted to displaying rich material and a variety of media types, with a primary focus on showing product data in the best possible way.

With Hongo’s unique Product Page Navigation, users can easily move through your product pages and find the information they need right away.

Hongo is adaptable and prepared to expand your catalog whether you manage a single-product or multi-product website.


Because it was created exclusively to highlight your standout product uniquely and engagingly, Highlight by Known Themes is fantastic for Shopify stores with just one product.

This theme’s distinctive and rich features will enable you to create the one-product Shopify store you’ve always wanted. It is contemporary, svelte, and simple. You can engage your visitors with a genuinely responsive layout by putting your goods in the spotlight using Highlight.

Your product, brand information, and exclusive promotions can be displayed in a unique and organized way thanks to its Parallax Vertical Slider features. Users are more receptive to calls to action throughout your website when images and text are presented with an animated effect that was specifically created to grab and hold their attention.

This theme works well for single products. Stores on Shopify Highlight are optimized for longer-form text sections, making it ideal for brand storytelling and comprehensive product descriptions with specifications. This is mainly because of its richer editorial content and product description section.


Next is a neat, fashionable, minimalist website that is ideal for all sizes of businesses to sell their products with the highest conversion rates and with high-quality design. The next is versatile The Shopify theme offers a variety of features and layout options. Next, add some cutting-edge features, including RTL, multiple currencies, box layout, various color options, etc.

Get trendy web design and contemporary trends by using Next Theme. This will undoubtedly win over visitors to regular consumers for your target market. In just a few easy steps, create your website and control it from anywhere in the globe. The next theme is appropriate for websites used by eCommerce companies.


The Shapes theme, which received a perfect rating from 27 evaluations, has left a lasting effect. The ability to display product photos in more than 40 different forms makes this Switch theme distinctive and ensures that your single-product store stands out from the competition.

Store customization is made enjoyable and artistic by the addition of stickers, patterns, shapes, and dividers to sections. A shape is a fantastic option for retailers selling goods like alcohol or cigarettes because it also supports the sale of age-restricted products and has an age-verification tool.

Quick-buy, industry icons, comparative charts, and flavor scales are additional useful features.
The giant menu, sticky header, color samples, and product reviews all enhance the user experience.


Votto is a specific single-product Shopify theme with eight different page styles to show for it. Each of them can function as a good beginning point because they each use various styles, color palettes, and example products. There is no need to think or adjust anything more.

Sections can be easily rearranged, and more information can be added, using a simple drag-and-drop editor. Custom headers and footers, as well as contemporary blog and menu sections, can give your site a new, cutting-edge look.


Such a Shopify theme for a single product will be a wise choice if you are a startup. This theme’s designer thought carefully about how you could both sell your products and run a crowdfunding campaign for them. If you’ve previously listed your product on sites like Kickstarter or Gust, you can link this page to your campaign page.

You can use this theme for your website straight away because all the features and choices operate flawlessly. Your product and its features can be explained in detail thanks to the simple and lengthy site design. There are three variants included in this package, and each one has a visually appealing design that will catch customers’ attention right away.`


Ezyrider is a beautifully created one-page Shopify theme for a single product with a parallax effect. This exquisitely designed theme is perfect for a variety of businesses, including scooter boards, bike rentals, electric scooters, cycling shops, bike stores, and protective gear. This template is captivating and suitable for business projects because of the color schemes and fascinating light animation.

With all the components and functionality required for an online business, Ezyrider can manage practically any issue, regardless of how big or small your venture is.


This theme is also intended for startups, as its name suggests, but it is created differently from the Launch theme previously discussed. The homepage of this theme has been cleverly built so that customers can purchase your goods right away.

This theme comes in demo versions for the house, technology, art, and clothing. Each demo has a distinct design on its own. You can choose one and get to work on it according to your needs.

This theme is perfectly integrated with Shopify’s tools and features because it was created specifically for the Shopify platform. You can notice that the currency varies depending on the choice you select in the demo itself. You only need to worry about the backend integration portion. Developers will find this theme to be really simple to use.


Droon – Drone Shop Shopify Theme is a specialized, one-product Shopify theme that sells drone cameras. It exudes a clear, lovely, and magnificent design and distinguishes your drone internet business. This distinctive landing page for a single product on Shopify is also available.

The “Droon” one-product Shopify theme has 4 lovely homepage variants, each with a distinct and contemporary design.


Shopify’s Origin theme is a chic choice for creators selling one-of-a-kind items. It adds a playful touch to your online store by fusing a neutral color scheme with whimsical typography.

The organized layouts of Origin are one of its special advantages since they let you share the experiences of your customers. You may realize your concept using its customizable settings and flexible design without touching any code.

This theme’s setup procedures are straightforward, enabling a quick launch. Origin has the ideal balance of design and usability to engage users and increase conversions.


Minimog was not intended to be “just another Shopify theme”. You may create both single-product and multi-product websites with this sophisticated theme. Minimog is a fantastic option for creating a cutting-edge, conversion-friendly website because it has more than 50 page templates, dozens of customizable content blocks, and a wide range of tools to improve your sales.

What’s the secret, Minimog? You can use the FoxKit app as an additional tool to assist with product management and marketing. Minimog is a great deal because it comes with an additional editing tool and several premium marketing tools.


Boom is a single-product Shopify theme that was specifically created, and it comes with over 70 different starting points that use different products. These themes are straightforward and minimalistic, putting the product front and center. By perusing the library, you may choose the kind of theme that is most appropriate for your particular product.

The final step is editing, which Boom makes remarkably easy with its contemporary full-size pieces that seamlessly fit next to one another. Additionally, you’ll be able to save a lot of money that you may otherwise spend on other Shopify apps thanks to the wide variety of sales-improving features.


The Mixture theme was specifically created for websites featuring lone products. This collection includes three demo versions. This pack’s default designs are for consumer electronics and apparel. Because this theme is built with the current Bootstrap 4 foundation, you get a flexible layout that can easily accommodate unique ideas.

This theme offers practical features like support for numerous currencies, countdown timers, and newsletter popups. Additionally, landing pages are provided for you to emphasize and display the newest goods and offers. Check out our design collection if you’re interested in creating compelling landing pages.


The Elessi Theme is unquestionably a clear, contemporary, and user-friendly theme with numerous components that go with various Fashion eCommerce projects. This theme is capable of bringing out distinctive product filtering, the distinctive Compare, as well as numerous other Ajax off-canvas Wishlist & Cart Sidebars.

Contrary to its cost, Elessi includes several sophisticated features, including a compare, lookbook, quickshop, and quick view function. You should absolutely test it out because many clothes and accessories shops on Shopify utilize this 5-star theme.


One of the top Shopify themes for a single product is Fabulous. This is a premium Shopify theme created for websites featuring a single product, a single product store, or a line of products. It is modern, completely responsive, and easy to customize.

Fabulous is a flexible and attractive Shopify store theme for one product. Our themes are some of the most potent available, with an intuitive design and tonnes of functionality. You can quickly develop a professional website with all of this power at your disposal.

A powerful filter system in Collections, an Ajax cart, customer reviews, fast view, grid/list view, picture zoom, contact map (Google map API), and more are popular features of this Shopify theme for a single product. A particularly wonderful aspect of the fantastic theme is the Drag and Drop Section. The site’s blocks can have their arrangements modified to fit your branding and design.


Selecting the right single product Shopify theme is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your online store’s success. Whether you’re selling a unique product, a limited edition item, or a carefully curated collection, the theme you choose plays a pivotal role in presenting your product to potential customers.

In this guide, we’ve introduced you to some of the best single-product Shopify themes available today, each with its unique strengths and features. Remember to consider factors such as product presentation, mobile responsiveness, customization options, speed, and conversion features when making your decision.

By carefully evaluating your product and brand’s needs and aligning them with the capabilities of these themes, you can create an engaging and profitable single-product store on the Shopify platform.

If you need expert advice or the best team who handles your store then reach out to LinkSture. We are a leading Shopify theme development service provider company and our team can help you to accomplish your dream of a single product eCommerce store. Happy selling!

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