How to Create a Multilingual Site Using Pofo and the Weglot Plugin

If you want to present your WordPress site in multiple languages, you’ll need the right set of tools. This includes a responsive and flexible theme, along with a plugin that will help you create translations. Of course, these solutions will also need to work together smoothly.

Fortunately, all of this is possible using our Pofo theme in combination with the Weglot plugin. Let’s take a closer look at why that is, and how you can get started!

Choosing a Theme for Your Multilingual Site

While you can use any theme on your multilingual WordPress site, the process will be far easier if you make this choice carefully. If you’re running a blog, portfolio, creative agency, eCommerce or corporate website, we highly recommend Pofo:

This theme is fully responsive, and offers a wide range of pre-built styles and customization options. With it, you can put together a hand-crafted website that’s appealing to visitors from all over the globe. Plus, it’s compatible with lots of popular WordPress tools – including certain translation plugins.

Introducing Weglot: A Full-Featured Translation Solution

When it comes to WordPress translation tools, you can’t go wrong with Weglot:

This plugin enables you to translate your entire website in just minutes, using a simple automated process, and you can manage and edit your translations from a centralized dashboard. You can even hire professional translators through the same service, and have them go over the results to make sure they’re as accurate as possible.

The best thing about Weglot for our purposes here is that it works seamlessly alongside the Pofo theme. You can check out this demo site to see the two tools in action:

If you want to create a similar website, the process is surprisingly easy.

How to Create a Multilingual Site Using Pofo and Weglot

Naturally, the first thing you’ll have to do is install and activate Pofo on your website. Then, you can import the theme’s demo content to jump-start your design. After that, you can get to work on customizing your site’s look as needed, and adding in your initial content:

Once your site is ready to go, you’ll want to install and activate Weglot as well. Then, head to the new Weglot section of your dashboard, and connect your site to a Weglot account:

After you do that, you’ll find new options in this section. You can choose what language(s) you want to enable, customize the drop-down menu that will display to visitors, and more.

Once you save your changes, the plugin will automatically translate all the content on your site. In addition, it will continue to translate new content as it’s added. All that’s left is to head over to your Weglot dashboard and verify the automatic translations (or work with a professional translator to help perfect them).


WordPress makes a lot of tasks easier – and creating a fully-multilingual site is one of them. By using a highly-customizable theme like Pofo together with the powerful Weglot plugin, you’ll be able to offer your site and content in as many languages as you’d like!

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