Magento 2.0 Now Officially Released

Magento 2.0 is next generation Open Source Ecommerce Platform. On November 17, 2015 the Magento team released the long awaited Magento 2.0 to the Magento community. It is available for download in both the open source Community Edition and the licensed Enterprise Edition.

The new Magento 2.0 features a vastly improved architecture, with a focus on scalability and modularity. As a result there have been remarkable improvements in performance and manageability over previous versions. Furthermore, the Community Edition now includes features previously only found in Enterprise Edition like built-in support for Full Page Caching software. This is definitely a worth-while upgrade for those wishing to stay on the cutting edge.

Magento 2 Features and Enhancements
  • Better Compatibility with Other Platforms
    Magento 2 is compatible with Zend Framework and PHP 5.3, it also extends support forMSSQL, Oracle, and other databases.
  • The New Level of Flexibility
    with a new structure of modules (component-based), the new Magento has a much better flexibility in terms of development. The high code coupling in combination with a component oriented structure allows developers to different components including CMS, customer, checkout, sales, catalog, and a lot more. In Magento 2, it is possible to disable or enable every component and at the same time to keep the code base clean.
  • Testing-Friendly Environment
    Magento 2 is 100% testing-friendly. It includes a flawless testing framework designed to perform: Static Tests, Performance Tests, Unit Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, Integration Tests and JavaScript Unit Tests.
  • Service Contracts
    Service Contracts is another important feature of Magento 2, which is based on a set of different PHP Interfaces. The feature improves and simplifies the use of APIs for various modules. with Service Contracts, developers will get a new way of working with public API endpoints.
  • The New File Structure
    Magento 2 comes with a completely new file structure. There is no base theme anymore and all the base views are in the module structure. Developers now face much less issues while developing custom Magento themes.
  • Hassle-Free Upgrades and Installation
    Composer makes Magento 2 more friendly for an installation and updates. It is also possible to use a convenient format to upgrade to the latest Magento 2 version.
  • Elimination of Components and Modules
    Magento 2.0 provides advanced payment options. The new version of config.xml file is reduced by over 20%, as a result developers are able to offer customizable solutions within less amount of time.
  • The Concept of View
    The complexity and overall development time in Magento 2 has been considerably reduced thanks to ‘the concept of view in the module’. The feature also enables developers to create the working view within no time.
  • Better Security
    Thanks to the changed directory structure, Magento 2 is more secure. There is a new directory – ‘pub’, which enables developers to protect the code from different security breaches.
  • The Magento Community
    The Magento development team is opened to the community of Magento coders and can receive a seamless support for any issues with Magento 2.
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