POFO is now WPML compatible!

Good News!!

If you’re thinking of creating a multilingual website with POFO then without any wait you should create the most responsive multi-language website with POFO now! As we have been working with the WPML team since the last few weeks and today, we are very happy to announce that POFO is now fully compatible with the WPML plugin!

In present times, we always desire to have a wider audience that should know about your business, services, or a product. To get this job done quickly and without any hassle, we always choose an infinite number of ready-made options for your virtual presence. However, it does not matter what’s your business niche as there are numerous choices available for any industry. So, if you want to get started with an online presence of your business, there is no need for a website developer or a technical guru. This is possible all because of advanced technology and its development. With tough competition in the worldwide web, there are a plethora of ready-made WordPress theme options available that give a professional yet sleek look to your website. Also, to increase your website visibility, you often add various plugins to showcase your most featured content and so WPML plugin plays an essential role to make your website multilingual that can be beneficial to expand site’s popularity.

Being a proud creator of POFO – a responsive WordPress theme, we are glad to announce that our incomparable and the most fascinating responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme POFO is now officially compatible with WPML plugin to create the best version of your website in multiple languages.

What is WPML?

In brief, WPML is a very famous WordPress plugin that makes websites in different languages. WPML plugin makes WordPress run multilingual. This incredible plugin lets writers write content in various languages and translate them into another required language. It also has advanced features that needed for translation management and an interface for professional or a formal content translation. You can use WPML at your own pace as it does not require any technical or programming skills.

Why are WPML and WordPress so much popular among all users?

According to one recent data, it stated that more than 600,000 sites running with WPML plugin and WordPress have powered over 20% of the entire internet. Day by day the number of downloads is increasing. So, it is quite essential to become famous.

To know more, WPML is one of the pioneers in the WordPress era and a multilingual space that allows running multi-language WordPress sites.

Achieving WPML compatibility with POFO WordPress theme

Most of the WordPress developers often believe that only international corporates need multilingual websites for their business. However, that’s a myth for them. Nowadays, most of the businesses need multi-language websites to expand their business worldwide. Even the smallest one need for their online visibility.

So, why is POFO compatible with the WPML plugin?

POFO is the most responsive and multi-purpose theme that has worldwide use. With its fast-loading quality and drag-and-drop page builder tool, POFO has gained fame in a short time. Also, POFO is a WordPress theme that can be used for any type of business and industry niche with pre-built website demos. So, as mentioned above that POFO has users from all over the world, the multi-language feature is the most essential to have.

Thus, to make powerful translation management possible in POFO, we have made it compatible with WPML. As WPML comes with state-of-the-art translation management so that you can turn your simple website into an impressive multilingual website of your choice. So, now it becomes very easy to build and run a multi-language eCommerce website with WooCommerce.

In addition to this, WPML provides excellent professional translation support by connecting you with leading translation services. And for other support related to theme our POFO team is always ready to help you with. So, now you don’t need to worry and don’t require to do anything special to build a multi-language ready WordPress website when you have a POFO that too compatible with WPML.

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Moving forward with WPML & POFO

Now that, you are aware of the compatibility of POFO with WPML. Give the best hand-crafted look to your website with POFO and stand out from the crowd by showcasing the best features of your content.

In the end, words are less to express our gratitude to the WPML team for constant support. We would like to thank the WPML team for all the co-operation and assistance provided while the integration.


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